A Relationship

.... with your handgun


License to Carry (LTC) Class                                                                                        $115

A Texas Department of Public Safety required class in order to obtain your handgun license. This is separate from state fees and discounts are offered for nurses, teachers, first responders, and active duty military. 

Texas Law Shield


Those of you who have attended a Texas Hidden Heat course understand the need to have coverage in the event that you need to display your handgun. Here is the link and information to Texas Law Shield.

Handgun Classes in Lubbock

Texas Hidden Heat




"ReKindle" A law update and refresher course                                                            $25

A classroom only afternoon where we cover penal code and use of force laws as a refresher to those who feel a little rusty. 

"Date Night" with your handgun                                                                                     $30

Go on a blind date with your handgun. A laid back evening with your favorite Sonic drink. We will discuss the basics of your handgun and familiarize you with the basic functions and shooting fundamentals. We will even throw a little science in the mix. You and your handgun will start off as strangers and leave as friends!

This class is perfect for those who have never held a handgun, are intimidated with the handgun they currently have, and for anyone who just wants to become more familiar with handguns. People tend to use this as a class "before the class" for handgun licensing, but many people take this class even if they are not interested in a license. This class is conducted in a relaxed environment with individual attention. It is also our most popular class.