Make sure you carry your handgun in a legal manner. Here is a link to the DPS handbook regarding various laws to use as a refresher from our class time together.

#5 Wait for your license to come in the mail

#4 Submit your paperwork

Make sure you sit down at a computer hooked to a printer

Make sure you have your schedule with you before you do this!

Go to

Fill out the application

Pay the state fee

Print out a bar code page - (this serves as a check list of what DPS needs from you)

Schedule your fingerprints immediately after you print the bar code page (if not, its hard to log back in)

Print your fingerprint pass

Write down or remember the time for your fingerprint appointment!

What to do, What to do??

#6 Carry your handgun

#1 Make sure you are Eligible

Texas Hidden Heat


#3 Fill out the DPS application

#2 Take the Class



This can take anywhere from 30-90 days. If you start to become concerned about the status of your application or license call DPS at 512-424-7293 or complete a 'contact us' form online. Even though I am your instructor, DPS will not release your information or the status of your application to me. 

1. A Texas resident for at least 6 months

2. At least 21 years of age

3. Not been convicted of a felony

4. Must not be currently charged with a class A or B misdemeanor or felony

5 Not a fugitive from justice

6. Not a chemically dependent person

7. Must be capable of exercising good judgement

8. Must not have any Class A or B misdemeanor or disorderly conduct convictions in the last 5 years

9. Must be fully qualified to purchase a handgun under federal and state laws

10. Must not be delinquent in child support payments

11. Must not be delinquent in taxes

12. Must not be named in a protective order or restraining order by another person

13. Must not, in the 10 years preceding the date of application, been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a law of the grade of a felony.

14. You have not falsified documents

You can submit your forms the good 'ol fashion way through the mail or you can add your documents online.


          Texas Department of Public Safety
          Handgun Licensing - MSC 0245
          PO Box 4087
          Austin, TX 78773-0001


          Scan your form in (PDF) - Don't forget to print, sign, and date!         

          Go to

          Click on 'Handgun Licensing' on the right side of the page

          Click 'Contact Us' on the right side of the page

          On the drop down menu, click 'Handgun Licensing'

          On the second drop down menu, click on 'Submit LTC supporting documents'

          Fill out the form

          Add your electronic documents - make sure they are PDF

          Click 'Attach' when you are done adding documents

          Type in the picture code to make sure you are not a robot

          Click submit form